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 External cracks to structure causing dampness is rectified 

 Scaling of rust and applying passivator 


 Drop pardi at Balcony restored with micro concreting 

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 Terrace external parapet wall surface restored 

Terrace slab seapage causing electrical short circuits

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 Column restored and plastered 

Waterproofing system as per site

 Bamboo Scaffolding for exterior  structural repair 

 Structural Steel corroded 




 Kadappa Slab damaged 


Waterproofing External Walls

Often external walls develop wet spots and leakages. Causes are generally the absorptive nature of the plaster, due to age and degradation (or otherwise) as also the absorptive nature of the brick-work or block work behind the plaster. These walls need to be waterproofed effectively. Painting Contractor at times, need to understand new paints available in the market providing waterproof warranty by the OEM manufacturers. Therefore, we suggest, professional Civil repair and Painting Contractor for serious jobs. Most of the times, its been noted that Dead wall tend to face maximum seapages due to high exposure to Rainwater and harsh environments. CSR Consultants provide point specific solution as per the need basis and life expectancy.

Case I 

If the dampness is not widespread this can be remedied by the following method, using Polymer based chemicals with good quality cement paint. Usually Civil repair Contractors tend to avoid waterproofing leaks if not supervised by professional Engineers.

a) Clean the surface thoroughly to remove all loose material, fungus, old paint etc. and moisten with water.      
​b) Mix Polymer based chemicals in the water used for preparation of the cement paint. Mix thoroughly to a uniform consistency. For the first coat use 20% Polymer based chemicals by weight of (dry powder) cement paint. For the second coat add only 5%Polymer based chemicals 
c) Cure the paint after 24 hours. 
d) Follow all the usual steps taken in painting using cement paints  (powder form).

Case II 

If walls are extensively damp and plastering is deteriorating, replastering would be called for. In this case following steps are recommended: 

a) Remove the old plaster, remove all the loose particles, and dust etc. and wash with a jet of water. 
b) Prepare a mortar mix 1:4 [cement : sand], or as directed by the engineer-in-charge, and admix thoroughly 3% Polymer based chemicals by weight of cement in this mortar. Repair Contractor to ensure, that the ratio mix knowledge is throughly guided to Labour. At times, initial mixing is recommended under direct supervision to standardise the procedure.
c) Provide a first coat plaster using the mortar in item 2 above. Keep its surface rough to receive the second coat. Apply the second coat after the first coat has hardened. 
​d) Cure as usual as per regular construction practice. 5. External walls may be finished further as per method in Case I

​Case III 

​If walls are extensively damp and plastering is deteriorating, re-plastering would be called for. In this case following steps are recommended: NEW WALLS Once the plastering is completed, cured and dried out (to the possible extent) external painting with Polymer based chemicals can be taken up. Civil Contractor at times can avail waterproof painting solutions directly offered by OEM manufacturers.

Please follow the detailed instructions in the literature on Polymer based chemicals for 'Instructions for use'. In case it is desired to finish the exteriors using a cement paint only, then use Polymer based chemicals to improve several qualities of the cement paint coating.

The combination of Polymer based chemicals and good quality cement paint upgrades the ultimate performance of the decorative finish to a plastic-emulsion or acrylic type of finish to provide an effective water proofing & long lasting service. 

Residential Tower repairs paintings

 External pardi at Balcony repaired 

 Column Jacketing 

 Chajja below areas rusted and scalping of concrete 

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