3) Financial Management: The volume of projects vary as per the size of complex or the quantum of work involved in the process. The project vary from a miniature size of INR 2 lacs to INR 3.00 Crores and above. Not all Contractors are in the same capacity to take up projects of any sizes. Companies with high net worth would have a different working than with a small medium sized companies.​​

4) Labour Management: Depending on the project size and complexity of the project, there are different teams working on the specific task. Example, Painting labour would be different from Tiling team, Plumbing labour, External Painters, Internal Painters and others. Co-ordination of these manpower and managing them with a trained supervisor would reflect in the working environment at site. Select companies may be rich in Structural repair experience for highly complex projects involving technical knowledge and resources.

5) Emergency response: During the process of execution of work, there are times, when one needs to deploy a manpower or expert to attend a particular situation. For example, It may happen during the course of Structural repair, a plumbing activity shoots up and cannot delay the repair process. At such times, its utmost important to manage the unforeseen situation.

6) Company Policy: Each Contractor has a basic company policy.

​7) Time Schedule: At times, it is seen that most of the project are behind schedule. This prolonged time, just eats out the patience of clients expectations. This delay may sometimes extend the project to run from few weeks to months or even years. The reason could be the wrong choice of the Contractor who did not value time.

8) Geographical Strength: At times, it is seen, few Contractors have capability to perform better in particular areas, as these areas may be their focussed areas with good connections that are needed towards performance of the project. Some Contractors have the capacity to mobilise the labour at different locations in spur of the moments. Clients with varied location sites, would therefore need a Contractors with high capacity to mobilise geographically across sites. 

9) Document Management: At times, we find Contractors lacking paper documentations, like Time Scheduling, Work in progress reporting, On site register maintaining for material and complaints from Clients. Informing the Clients for specific tasks, which may need their attention in advance. Example; the Plumbing water down-take line needs to be closed for some specific work  and would needs to be informed in writing to the stake holders, so that they can plan accordingly.

10) Machine and Material: Kind of basic machines available with Contractors like mixers, ropes, bamboos scaffolding, other tools and schakels.

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